Unrequited Love: Fuji GA645

I’ll admit my bias upfront: I adore the GA. I love the character of Fuji EBC lenses, and I love 645 format for what it is. I love this camera in spite of its power-drill voice, Fisher Price ergonomics, right down to its clown-shoes street presence. This camera delivers sharp, perfectly exposed negatives with a minimum of fuss and worry. It is small enough to take everywhere but just enough trouble to make you think twice (right up until you see your results). It’s cheap enough to buy on a whim, but not so much to toss if it goes wrong. Take these words at face value, because unlike many reviewers you’ll find online I’ve owned and used a GA645 for years and hundreds of rolls of film. I’ve often been elated and on occasion bitterly disappointed. Here’s my Fuji GA story.

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Old Sturbridge Village

Being a bit of a recreational luddite, I find myself often romanticizing the past. It’s easy to think of times-gone-by fondly, or at least idealize them as simpler if not superior. I like cars without airbags and shoulder belts. I like mechanical wrist watches and nixie tubes. Not necessarily because they’re better and sometimes expressly because they’re not.

We travel frequently throughout New England and tacked this excursion to Old Sturbridge Village onto a November homeschool trip to Boston.

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Box of Magic: The Zeiss Tengor

Box Tengor

This post has been a long time coming as well. Seems as though I have a backlog of ideas to work through, so bear with me.

I’ve always had some sort of junk box camera kicking round for decoration, and the few times I’ve used them the results have been a bit of a joke so had never paid them any serious attention. I’m the sort that tends to research to eliminate boredom in down times, so on a mid-century kick I looked further past the plastic lensed detritus found in thrift shops. The top of the heap has a familiar name and a decent pedigree: ZEISS. But good luck finding one, right?

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NEWLK Portsmouth

I’m surely the final participant to journal this event, but better late than never. I decided to make the trek to Ray Larose‘s brainchild, NEWLK in May 2015. It included an 8 hour drive for me, and many of the participants were awed when we were doing meet-and-greets outside the SBUX on the market square that afternoon.

I’ve tried on more than one occasion to raise a group locally who’d want to socialize and shoot on the regular, but as a result of what I can only assume is my abrasive personality have failed in that regard. Since leaving the professional life, I’ve wanted to reconnect with people who enjoy photography for its own rewards, as opposed to dealing with peers who see your jobs and opportunities they’ve lost out on. The professional life for me was a solitary one, with no cooperation or community feel. While studying photography in college, I made real friends with similar goals and dreams. We all were drawn to art school for a shared love of making images.

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New Beginnings


I have to thank social media for helping this website be realized. I’ve been content for years to post up the odd image on 500px and before that, Flickr. There’s something about keeping up with an inspiring group of photographers (and gear heads) that makes you want to up your game a little. Not a competition, but definitely a community experience I never felt in the professional world.

This will mark the sixth or seventh website I’ve begun in the past 15 years and it’s a fresh break for me. This isn’t a place to generate leads, find bookings or prospect clients. This isn’t a place to muscle a living out of the town I live in. Thankfully those days are behind me.

This outlet for me will hopefully allow a deeper look into why i do what I do, how it happens and hopefully spark conversation with other like-minded folks. A step into my office, if you will.