A Year in Review.

It’s been a full year since I decided to start this photoblog. I wanted to make a quick post summing up some of the work I’ve been pleased to share, and thank the people who have taken the time to read, respond and engage with the opinions and photography presented. The film community is the reason I’m still passionate about photography after all these years. Seeing new work every day without fail is a charge only matched by the enthusiasm of those who receive and encourage it. Roll on 2017.  Continue reading “A Year in Review.”

Getting down to brass tacks: business

I’ve done my due diligence, been to a startup incubator, spoken to local professionals. My business idea is a viable one, and with proper care and cultivation could be lucrative. There are spaces available to start out in, the equipment needed is easy to come by and relatively inexpensive. I have expanded the scope to include education via local professionals who would use the space to teach, use and grow their own businesses. The next question that must be answered: do I have the will to make this happen? Continue reading “Getting down to brass tacks: business”

“I don’t like the way I look”

I’ve been working toward what I think is an honest and enduring style in the past couple years. I’ve been concentrating on street portraits while traveling as a method of gaining access to places and people I wouldn’t otherwise. As I’ve aged I’ve found there’s a flowering beauty in seeing things just they way they are; untouched and true. It’s easy to pull this off with strangers. They don’t have much of a say after granting permission since I’ll be elsewhere when the photo is finished. What happens when I try to apply this harsh light to those around me? Those I value most? Continue reading ““I don’t like the way I look””

Looking out, Looking in. (Looking back)

In looking for a transparency to scan for a friend, I came across a Ziplock of mounted slides which struck me as odd since I don’t and never have shot E6. What I found was a project completed in college (2003) apparently taking into account what I saw and what I looked like. Honestly doesn’t look like I put a lot of effort into it, but it certainly made me smile and brought back some memories.  Continue reading “Looking out, Looking in. (Looking back)”