Conspicuous Absence

A friend of ours lost a brief battle with cancer this week. She left behind a husband and a 10-year old daughter who skates with Gracie. The gravity of their situation is magnified by how easy it is to put myself in his shoes, how much I take for granted. I’ve found myself in quiet tears a few times this week. But not for her, no longer in pain. A mother is such a huge part and influence on a daughter, it’s hard to imagine that vacancy. To even attempt to fill the void as a grieving father is inconceivable
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Renforth Village

Every year as the Kennebecasis River freezes over, the faithful drag their shacks onto the ice at Renforth to fish for smelt. There’s always an interesting selection of huts, most with wood or propane stoves. I’ve always thought the village represents a cross-section of local society. There are high-tech soft-sided shelters, full sheds with windows and siding, “converted” campers and stick-frames covered in tarpaulin.  Continue reading “Renforth Village”

Guest on With A Camera Podcast.

I was invited to ramble on Kristen Smith’s new podcast, With A Camera.

She’s interviewing photographers that she interacts with on Social Media, getting their viewpoints on shooting film, life and philosophy. It runs over an hour through the gamut of creativity, perspective and priorities. It was a fun experience, and I thank Kristen for the opportunity to speak out about my appreciation for the film community.

With A Camera, Episode 3

“I don’t like the way I look”

I’ve been working toward what I think is an honest and enduring style in the past couple years. I’ve been concentrating on street portraits while traveling as a method of gaining access to places and people I wouldn’t otherwise. As I’ve aged I’ve found there’s a flowering beauty in seeing things just they way they are; untouched and true. It’s easy to pull this off with strangers. They don’t have much of a say after granting permission since I’ll be elsewhere when the photo is finished. What happens when I try to apply this harsh light to those around me? Those I value most? Continue reading ““I don’t like the way I look””

#ThirdShiftSJ and Gallery Hop

This past Friday Uptown Saint John played canvas to both a gallery-hop and a special even called Third-Shift. Third-Shift an event put on by Third Space Gallery that aims to put art in vacant and underused spaces to inspire people and help re-energize the area. I’d just heard of it happening a few days beforehand and had never been on a Gallery Hop either. So I strapped on my walking shoes, grabbed a couple rolls of HP5 out of the fridge and started walking.  Continue reading “#ThirdShiftSJ and Gallery Hop”

The Human Landscape: Photographing Strangers

Seems to be a trend that many people would like to make more portraits but don’t know where to start. Being out and about is easy, lots of people enjoy bipedal photography in their hometowns or abroad. When you’ve photographed all the statuary and have creeped on all the great cars and been tossed out of all the coffee shops you’re left with the most intriguing and engaging part of any community. What makes the community. The people. Continue reading “The Human Landscape: Photographing Strangers”