New Beginnings


I have to thank social media¬†for helping this website be realized. I’ve been content for years to post up the odd image on 500px and before that, Flickr. There’s something about keeping up with an inspiring group of photographers (and gear heads) that makes you want to up your game a little. Not a competition, but definitely a community experience I never felt in the professional world.

This will mark the sixth or seventh website I’ve begun in the past 15 years and it’s a fresh break for me. This isn’t a place to generate leads, find bookings or prospect clients. This isn’t a place to muscle a living out of the town I live in. Thankfully those days are behind me.

This outlet for me will hopefully allow a deeper look into why i do what I do, how it happens and hopefully spark conversation with other like-minded folks. A step into my office, if you will.