Night Tri-X

Ugh, what a mess.

Kodak Tri-X and I don’t get along well on the best of days. It’s a bugger to load on a reel, kinks and creases, curls as it dries and just doesn’t play nice. That said, I left the house to shoot these images about an hour too late. IĀ missed any bit of twilight to frame the buildings against the sky, and generally blew the mission. Anyhow, here’s the crap I got out of the tank.

Papa Pit
Papa Pit

These are at box speed, around 1/30 at F5.6. Doesn’t matter, there’s no polishing these turds.

Sharing fails can’t hurt in the long run, we’re all human. I know what I need to do next time.

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  1. “Just Kodak”??? COME HERE AND SAY THAT!!! LOL

    I take it these were 120 – I have not shot it in 120, at least lately, but am planning on getting some. I’ll see if my experience with the physical properties corresponds – I use Hewes reels. I’m also going to order some Bergger Pancro 400. That stuff really appeals to me.

    Overall I like these images a lot. I think you’re being too hard.

    1. For sure, let me know how you make out. I use all Paterson stuff, but Tri-X fights me every inch, every time. These shots aren’t poor because of the stock, I admit. Poor execution on my part is to blame. The struggles were just the cherry on the sundae. šŸ¤“

      I like the look of the Ferrania mono that’s out now, not sure if it’s in 120 yet.

  2. Not sure how these are fails. Maybe you were looking for a bit more light, but there’s a calm here, like being out on those quiet weekday nights when everyone else is watching TV or sleeping.

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