Notebook: Creative Drought

Seems like everything else, creative drought comes in waves, then gets swept away when the next spark of inspiration happens. I’ve fought this dragon for years, as I’m sure most people in the arts have. 

Hard to get around the fact that it works with the seasons for me. I’m  a summer/fall person and historically my best work has happened in this time. If I could find a place to live where it’s the first weekend in October all year round, I’d live there without hesitation. Maybe that’s what heaven would be to me. An inspiring, sun dappled morning with the first leaves filtering through the air. Since I’m a filthy heathen, I’ll have to settle for as many real heavens I can fit into my actual life. So, why waste winter and spring?

I draw energy from travel, from adventure. We’ve changed many things in our life to allow for travel far more often then before. We’ve seen more places for the first time in the last year than we have in our 12-years as a bonded pair. This is a double-edged sword, prompting me to save up my energy for these times of roaming, to see only the new and not reinterpret the familiar. And really, isn’t that the whole point of attempting creative work in the first place?

It’s easy to forget that where and who we are is a fleeting blink in the face of eternity. I’m basically taking photos for my own vanity, since nothing I do will make a spit of difference in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps I’ll have grandkids that will occasionally enjoy going through the old man’s pictures. But after that generation, I’d imagine it’s oblivion for me and my viewpoint. I’m ok with that.

So in a selfish way, I need to get my act together and start making the most of my “downtime” when I spend the days reading about photography instead of just going out and being a photographer. I’m lucky to exist in this era and area. I’m not persecuted for my actions, my region is stable, though stifled economically. I can get the supplies I need, I can process and scan at home. I can do what I want in the prime of my life, knowing the heat-death of the universe is eons away.

So I guess I’ll load some film.

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