Wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection and of revering authenticity above all. Put simply, it’s accepting that things change with time, as they get used and as they become part of our lives. Using things brings a comfort in familiarity. We assign value to items that accompany us on our way. Things that show their experience the same way we do: bumps and bruises, scrapes and leaks.  Continue reading “Wabi-Sabi”

Renforth Village

Every year as the Kennebecasis River freezes over, the faithful drag their shacks onto the ice at Renforth to fish for smelt. There’s always an interesting selection of huts, most with wood or propane stoves. I’ve always thought the village represents a cross-section of local society. There are high-tech soft-sided shelters, full sheds with windows and siding, “converted” campers and stick-frames covered in tarpaulin.  Continue reading “Renforth Village”

Scanning Monochrome Film: The Basics

OK, here’s the secret: there’s no secret.

When it comes to putting black-and-white film on a scanner, there’s no voodoo involved. It’s just physics. Simple physics that are refreshing after wresting the grizzly bear that is C41 colour film. Shooting photons through an emulsion and catching them on the backside is precisely what’s on the menu here. The only metric we’re dealing with is density, after all.

Continue reading “Scanning Monochrome Film: The Basics”

One bag to rule them all

I’ve been remiss in writing on this blog, and for that I apologize. I return to form in a new year with a review to share. I’ve been searching for years for the right bag. Not just a camera bag, because those are thick on the ground. I use a camera bag differently than some, but I know there are others who have the same list of needs in a bag that I do. Here, I’ll outline my needs and show you a bag that checks all my boxes. Maybe they’ll be your boxes, too.  Continue reading “One bag to rule them all”

A Year in Review.

It’s been a full year since I decided to start this photoblog. I wanted to make a quick post summing up some of the work I’ve been pleased to share, and thank the people who have taken the time to read, respond and engage with the opinions and photography presented. The film community is the reason I’m still passionate about photography after all these years. Seeing new work every day without fail is a charge only matched by the enthusiasm of those who receive and encourage it. Roll on 2017.  Continue reading “A Year in Review.”