Peek behind the curtain

There’s been a website recently launched focusing on digging deeper into photography and why we as makers even bother. PhysicalGrain is a new forum for showing work by the minds behind SALT Magazine, allowing photographers to share and explain the images that are closest to their hearts.

So often online we are assaulted with images one after another, with little choice but to ignore or “like” in rapid fashion. There’s an expectation to see so many images in the run of a week that we’re hard-pressed to remember at times which images we’ve posted ourselves, never mind which from our peers we’ve enjoyed and truly taken in.

In an effort to bring meaning back into the work we choose to share, PhysicalGrain is curating work by select photographers in a launch that encompasses many different styles and approaches. The common thread is that the images are shot on film, something we all share a love for.

I’ve linked below to the submission I’m proud to share on the site; an image that’s very personal and meaningful to me. Please follow the link and read my submission, but also allow yourself the time to explore how others have chosen to show their personal side. The images are all special in one way or another, but the photographers have chosen work that is close to their hearts. Most have given us the opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see what makes them tick.


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