PhotoBook [UPDATED 05/15/17]

I’ve been working at a project off-and-on for a bit. It’s a combination photobook and works of micro-fiction that fit together.

I enjoy thumping away at my typewriter. It seems more deliberate than using a word processor. At one point, I entertained the idea of writing a novella, but the task needs more of me than I can spare. I do have a surplus of photos to match my short plots, making an obvious path to wet my feet in self-publishing.

Putting a literary twist on my own photography has been challenging. I like creative writing. Word efficiency is a challenge I’m excited to meet, paring a line to its essence.  I’ve not bothered telling the viewer about the photograph and the circumstances surrounding it’s making. I have put these images away for a while and come back to them fresh, reinterpreting them as the scene of a micro-fiction. Maybe it’s a cracker of an idea, maybe it’s not. Either way it’s been on my mind a while and I plan to bring it to life.


I’ve decided to bring this project to life via my blog. The purpose of a book was always to share and not to profit. I already have a venue to share effectively. I shall use it.

WeeklyMicro-Fiction posts to follow. 

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