Looking out, Looking in. (Looking back)

In looking for a transparency to scan for a friend, I came across a Ziplock of mounted slides which struck me as odd since I don’t and never have shot E6. What I found was a project completed in college (2003) apparently taking into account what I saw and what I looked like. Honestly doesn’t look like I put a lot of effort into it, but it certainly made me smile and brought back some memories.  Continue reading “Looking out, Looking in. (Looking back)”

The Human Landscape: Photographing Strangers

Seems to be a trend that many people would like to make more portraits but don’t know where to start. Being out and about is easy, lots of people enjoy bipedal photography in their hometowns or abroad. When you’ve photographed all the statuary and have creeped on all the great cars and been tossed out of all the coffee shops you’re left with the most intriguing and engaging part of any community. What makes the community. The people. Continue reading “The Human Landscape: Photographing Strangers”