Art in Motion

They say you should never meet your heroes (and they’re probably right). Though in some cases, things pan out differently. I had an encounter with minor automotive royalty recently and was able to shoot a roll of PanF to mark the occasion. Instead of the usual static shots we see of a vehicle, I wanted to focus more on the finer aspects of what makes the BMW Z8 truly special in my eyes.

Sehr erfreut
Sehr erfreut

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Wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection and of revering authenticity above all. Put simply, it’s accepting that things change with time, as they get used and as they become part of our lives. Using things brings a comfort in familiarity. We assign value to items that accompany us on our way. Things that show their experience the same way we do: bumps and bruises, scrapes and leaks.  Continue reading “Wabi-Sabi”

Renforth Village

Every year as the Kennebecasis River freezes over, the faithful drag their shacks onto the ice at Renforth to fish for smelt. There’s always an interesting selection of huts, most with wood or propane stoves. I’ve always thought the village represents a cross-section of local society. There are high-tech soft-sided shelters, full sheds with windows and siding, “converted” campers and stick-frames covered in tarpaulin.  Continue reading “Renforth Village”