Conspicuous Absence

A friend of ours lost a brief battle with cancer this week. She left behind a husband and a 10-year old daughter who skates with Gracie. The gravity of their situation is magnified by how easy it is to put myself in his shoes, how much I take for granted. I’ve found myself in quiet tears a few times this week. But not for her, no longer in pain. A mother is such a huge part and influence on a daughter, it’s hard to imagine that vacancy. To even attempt to fill the void as a grieving father is inconceivable
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Wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection and of revering authenticity above all. Put simply, it’s accepting that things change with time, as they get used and as they become part of our lives. Using things brings a comfort in familiarity. We assign value to items that accompany us on our way. Things that show their experience the same way we do: bumps and bruises, scrapes and leaks.  Continue reading “Wabi-Sabi”

“I don’t like the way I look”

I’ve been working toward what I think is an honest and enduring style in the past couple years. I’ve been concentrating on street portraits while traveling as a method of gaining access to places and people I wouldn’t otherwise. As I’ve aged I’ve found there’s a flowering beauty in seeing things just they way they are; untouched and true. It’s easy to pull this off with strangers. They don’t have much of a say after granting permission since I’ll be elsewhere when the photo is finished. What happens when I try to apply this harsh light to those around me? Those I value most? Continue reading ““I don’t like the way I look””

NEWLK Ogunquit

NEWLK is a meeting of like-minded photographers that happens spring and fall and always conveniently close to Derry, NH for some undisclosed reason. The first walk occurred in Portsmouth NH (entry and photos here) and the second in Salem MA (entry and photos here).

For the third instalment of New England Walk (#NEWLK) the crowd was directed to show up in Ogunquit Maine for a stroll along the Marginal Way, a paved 1.5 mile stretch of domesticated but rugged seacoast.  Continue reading “NEWLK Ogunquit”

DC 2012


2012 was an interesting year for us. DC was the first holiday we’d taken together since the birth of our daughter, Grace. The only one since, also.

Back in 2011 on a web forum (remember those?) I invited internet strangers to stay on our land. They were traveling around North America via truck camper, seeing what they could and taking it all in. Lori thought that we’d likely be murdered, but it turned out OK.

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NEWLK Portsmouth

I’m surely the final participant to journal this event, but better late than never. I decided to make the trek to Ray Larose‘s brainchild, NEWLK in May 2015. It included an 8 hour drive for me, and many of the participants were awed when we were doing meet-and-greets outside the SBUX on the market square that afternoon.

I’ve tried on more than one occasion to raise a group locally who’d want to socialize and shoot on the regular, but as a result of what I can only assume is my abrasive personality have failed in that regard. Since leaving the professional life, I’ve wanted to reconnect with people who enjoy photography for its own rewards, as opposed to dealing with peers who see your jobs and opportunities they’ve lost out on. The professional life for me was a solitary one, with no cooperation or community feel. While studying photography in college, I made real friends with similar goals and dreams. We all were drawn to art school for a shared love of making images.

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