Florida 2013

In 2013 we had the opportunity to travel for work to Orlando. Lori was attending the national conference for DATIA and it happened to be at the Leows resort at Universal Orlando. As we can bend our homeschool schedule around life as it happens, we all went down and did the pilgrimage to see the Mouse. I elected to shoot film for this trip, and I was rewarded with an experience I won’t soon forget.  Continue reading “Florida 2013”

DC 2012


2012 was an interesting year for us. DC was the first holiday we’d taken together since the birth of our daughter, Grace. The only one since, also.

Back in 2011 on a web forum (remember those?) I invited internet strangers to stay on our land. They were traveling around North America via truck camper, seeing what they could and taking it all in. Lori thought that we’d likely be murdered, but it turned out OK.

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Notebook: Agfa APX25

Nothing much to say about this extinct emulsion. It’s probably like that life-changing first Quaalude trip except then you find out it was the last Quaalude out there. I really, really liked the long-expired roll I shot. Enough that I scoured the internet for a while looking for more. I received the 120 roll from the kook I bought a Jobo CPE2 off some years back. He had a freezer full of it, the bastard.  Continue reading “Notebook: Agfa APX25”

New England 2012

As referenced in my post about Old Sturbridge Village, we get to New England fairly often. While I was growing up, Boston was always a place one avoids while traveling elsewhere. I still remember hearing my father while he was driving up front. Why would you go within 50 miles of Boston? So many reasons to avoid it. The traffic, the traffic and most importantly the traffic.

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Unrequited Love: Fuji GA645

I’ll admit my bias upfront: I adore the GA. I love the character of Fuji EBC lenses, and I love 645 format for what it is. I love this camera in spite of its power-drill voice, Fisher Price ergonomics, right down to its clown-shoes street presence. This camera delivers sharp, perfectly exposed negatives with a minimum of fuss and worry. It is small enough to take everywhere but just enough trouble to make you think twice (right up until you see your results). It’s cheap enough to buy on a whim, but not so much to toss if it goes wrong. Take these words at face value, because unlike many reviewers you’ll find online I’ve owned and used a GA645 for years and hundreds of rolls of film. I’ve often been elated and on occasion bitterly disappointed. Here’s my Fuji GA story.

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Old Sturbridge Village

Being a bit of a recreational luddite, I find myself often romanticizing the past. It’s easy to think of times-gone-by fondly, or at least idealize them as simpler if not superior. I like cars without airbags and shoulder belts. I like mechanical wrist watches and nixie tubes. Not necessarily because they’re better and sometimes expressly because they’re not.

We travel frequently throughout New England and tacked this excursion to Old Sturbridge Village onto a November homeschool trip to Boston.

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