Art in Motion

They say you should never meet your heroes (and they’re probably right). Though in some cases, things pan out differently. I had an encounter with minor automotive royalty recently and was able to shoot a roll of PanF to mark the occasion. Instead of the usual static shots we see of a vehicle, I wanted to focus more on the finer aspects of what makes the BMW Z8 truly special in my eyes.

Sehr erfreut
Sehr erfreut

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Old Sturbridge Village

Being a bit of a recreational luddite, I find myself often romanticizing the past. It’s easy to think of times-gone-by fondly, or at least idealize them as simpler if not superior. I like cars without airbags and shoulder belts. I like mechanical wrist watches and nixie tubes. Not necessarily because they’re better and sometimes expressly because they’re not.

We travel frequently throughout New England and tacked this excursion to Old Sturbridge Village onto a November homeschool trip to Boston.

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