New England 2012

As referenced in my post about Old Sturbridge Village, we get to New England fairly often. While I was growing up, Boston was always a place one avoids while traveling elsewhere. I still remember hearing my father while he was driving up front. Why would you go within 50 miles of Boston? So many reasons to avoid it. The traffic, the traffic and most importantly the traffic.

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Old Sturbridge Village

Being a bit of a recreational luddite, I find myself often romanticizing the past. It’s easy to think of times-gone-by fondly, or at least idealize them as simpler if not superior. I like cars without airbags and shoulder belts. I like mechanical wrist watches and nixie tubes. Not necessarily because they’re better and sometimes expressly because they’re not.

We travel frequently throughout New England and tacked this excursion to Old Sturbridge Village onto a November homeschool trip to Boston.

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