“I don’t like the way I look”

I’ve been working toward what I think is an honest and enduring style in the past couple years. I’ve been concentrating on street portraits while traveling as a method of gaining access to places and people I wouldn’t otherwise. As I’ve aged I’ve found there’s a flowering beauty in seeing things just they way they are; untouched and true. It’s easy to pull this off with strangers. They don’t have much of a say after granting permission since I’ll be elsewhere when the photo is finished. What happens when I try to apply this harsh light to those around me? Those I value most? Continue reading ““I don’t like the way I look””

Contax G2: So close…

G2 Header

I’ve waited long enough to speak. We’ve broken up, it’s over. The romance was hot and quick. A flash in the pan. It’s time to do a review on the Contax G2. If I could anthropomorphize the G2, it’s an unapologetically awkward, runway-gorgeous genius. The Contax excels conquers in every way that matters, and falls criminally short in a few ways that are easy to overlook if you’re in the right mindset.  Continue reading “Contax G2: So close…”

Turning the page, my Dad retires.


After a career in a service that has seen myriad changes in the past 36 years, my dad retires from the Kennebecasis Fire Department today. Having achieved the rank of Captain, the time has come to close this chapter of his professional life and move onto what he observes as “leisure activities”: namely more hard work. I’m proud to share some of the images I’ve taken of my Dad and some of his peers at work over the years. Continue reading “Turning the page, my Dad retires.”

Looking out, Looking in. (Looking back)

In looking for a transparency to scan for a friend, I came across a Ziplock of mounted slides which struck me as odd since I don’t and never have shot E6. What I found was a project completed in college (2003) apparently taking into account what I saw and what I looked like. Honestly doesn’t look like I put a lot of effort into it, but it certainly made me smile and brought back some memories.  Continue reading “Looking out, Looking in. (Looking back)”

Rolleinar: it’s German for Sorcery

Lots of chatter about Rolleinars lately, I’ve only had mine since October ’15.

A Rolleinar is a set of close-up lenses that fit on the front of your Rolleiflex. This shortens the working distance to your subject at the cost of minimal distortion and arguable loss of quality. The magnifier goes down below on the taking lens and another magnifier with an oriented prism (the Rolleiparkeil) goes on the viewing lens to correct for parallax. Rolleinars come in four strengths, depending on the series of camera they’ve been made to fit. 1-4, with an ever decreasing working distance. You can also stack them, if you’re mad.  Continue reading “Rolleinar: it’s German for Sorcery”

The Human Landscape: Photographing Strangers

Seems to be a trend that many people would like to make more portraits but don’t know where to start. Being out and about is easy, lots of people enjoy bipedal photography in their hometowns or abroad. When you’ve photographed all the statuary and have creeped on all the great cars and been tossed out of all the coffee shops you’re left with the most intriguing and engaging part of any community. What makes the community. The people. Continue reading “The Human Landscape: Photographing Strangers”