One bag to rule them all

I’ve been remiss in writing on this blog, and for that I apologize. I return to form in a new year with a review to share. I’ve been searching for years for the right bag. Not just a camera bag, because those are thick on the ground. I use a camera bag differently than some, but I know there are others who have the same list of needs in a bag that I do. Here, I’ll outline my needs and show you a bag that checks all my boxes. Maybe they’ll be your boxes, too.  Continue reading “One bag to rule them all”

Rolleiflex MX


I’ve been trying to come to grips with how I ended up owning a 60-plus year old machine as a daily-and-only camera, after a truncated career with the latest and greatest at the time. I’m not sure if this will be a camera review or another personal journey into the philosophy of my own craft, but we’ll see what happens. This is a review of my Rolleiflex MX. Continue reading “Rolleiflex MX”

Contax G2: So close…

G2 Header

I’ve waited long enough to speak. We’ve broken up, it’s over. The romance was hot and quick. A flash in the pan. It’s time to do a review on the Contax G2. If I could anthropomorphize the G2, it’s an unapologetically awkward, runway-gorgeous genius. The Contax excels conquers in every way that matters, and falls criminally short in a few ways that are easy to overlook if you’re in the right mindset.  Continue reading “Contax G2: So close…”

NEWLK Ogunquit

NEWLK is a meeting of like-minded photographers that happens spring and fall and always conveniently close to Derry, NH for some undisclosed reason. The first walk occurred in Portsmouth NH (entry and photos here) and the second in Salem MA (entry and photos here).

For the third instalment of New England Walk (#NEWLK) the crowd was directed to show up in Ogunquit Maine for a stroll along the Marginal Way, a paved 1.5 mile stretch of domesticated but rugged seacoast.  Continue reading “NEWLK Ogunquit”

Unrequited Love: Fuji GA645

I’ll admit my bias upfront: I adore the GA. I love the character of Fuji EBC lenses, and I love 645 format for what it is. I love this camera in spite of its power-drill voice, Fisher Price ergonomics, right down to its clown-shoes street presence. This camera delivers sharp, perfectly exposed negatives with a minimum of fuss and worry. It is small enough to take everywhere but just enough trouble to make you think twice (right up until you see your results). It’s cheap enough to buy on a whim, but not so much to toss if it goes wrong. Take these words at face value, because unlike many reviewers you’ll find online I’ve owned and used a GA645 for years and hundreds of rolls of film. I’ve often been elated and on occasion bitterly disappointed. Here’s my Fuji GA story.

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Box of Magic: The Zeiss Tengor

Box Tengor

This post has been a long time coming as well. Seems as though I have a backlog of ideas to work through, so bear with me.

I’ve always had some sort of junk box camera kicking round for decoration, and the few times I’ve used them the results have been a bit of a joke so had never paid them any serious attention. I’m the sort that tends to research to eliminate boredom in down times, so on a mid-century kick I looked further past the plastic lensed detritus found in thrift shops. The top of the heap has a familiar name and a decent pedigree: ZEISS. But good luck finding one, right?

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