Rolleinar: it’s German for Sorcery

Lots of chatter about Rolleinars lately, I’ve only had mine since October ’15.

A Rolleinar is a set of close-up lenses that fit on the front of your Rolleiflex. This shortens the working distance to your subject at the cost of minimal distortion and arguable loss of quality. The magnifier goes down below on the taking lens and another magnifier with an oriented prism (the Rolleiparkeil) goes on the viewing lens to correct for parallax. Rolleinars come in four strengths, depending on the series of camera they’ve been made to fit. 1-4, with an ever decreasing working distance. You can also stack them, if you’re mad.  Continue reading “Rolleinar: it’s German for Sorcery”

Seattle: Pike Market


Pike Place Market was a revelation. The feelings we have about the city from our short stay can be distilled down to the vibe we get here. Pike felt traditional, contemporary, homegrown and haute all at once. The people were from every corner of the globe, on both sides of the tables. All continents were represented both in product and sales approach. It’s hard not to like this corner of Seattle. Continue reading “Seattle: Pike Market”

Seattle: Wait, what?

My actual job (after throwing in the towel taking photos for money) is in health and safety. My wife owns a company that provides pre-access and pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. I’m certified through DATIA as a Professional Collector Trainer, as well as ensuring the office email works and moving office furniture as required. I attended training and conferences in Seattle November 2015 and we took the opportunity to explore a city we’ve never had a reason to consider, outside of cut-scenes in Frasier. Continue reading “Seattle: Wait, what?”

Traversing the Bay of Fundy

Digby NS

To get back and forth between my home town of Saint John and Lori’s in Yarmouth, we usually elect to take the ferry across the Bay of Fundy. The 2:20 cruise replaces a 7-8 hour drive to Yarmouth via Moncton, Truro, Halifax, Woflville and Digby. Personally, I enjoy the drive. Traveling with my girls though, turns the drive into a 8-10 hour journey due to the frequent bathroom, snack and hot drink pitstops. So the ferry is economical on that front.  Continue reading “Traversing the Bay of Fundy”

NEWLK Portsmouth

I’m surely the final participant to journal this event, but better late than never. I decided to make the trek to Ray Larose‘s brainchild, NEWLK in May 2015. It included an 8 hour drive for me, and many of the participants were awed when we were doing meet-and-greets outside the SBUX on the market square that afternoon.

I’ve tried on more than one occasion to raise a group locally who’d want to socialize and shoot on the regular, but as a result of what I can only assume is my abrasive personality have failed in that regard. Since leaving the professional life, I’ve wanted to reconnect with people who enjoy photography for its own rewards, as opposed to dealing with peers who see your jobs and opportunities they’ve lost out on. The professional life for me was a solitary one, with no cooperation or community feel. While studying photography in college, I made real friends with similar goals and dreams. We all were drawn to art school for a shared love of making images.

Continue reading “NEWLK Portsmouth”