Traversing the Bay of Fundy

Digby NS

To get back and forth between my home town of Saint John and Lori’s in Yarmouth, we usually elect to take the ferry across the Bay of Fundy. The 2:20 cruise replaces a 7-8 hour drive to Yarmouth via Moncton, Truro, Halifax, Woflville and Digby. Personally, I enjoy the drive. Traveling with my girls though, turns the drive into a 8-10 hour journey due to the frequent bathroom, snack and hot drink pitstops. So the ferry is economical on that front.  Continue reading “Traversing the Bay of Fundy”

Notebook: Agfa APX25

Nothing much to say about this extinct emulsion. It’s probably like that life-changing first Quaalude trip except then you find out it was the last Quaalude out there. I really, really liked the long-expired roll I shot. Enough that I scoured the internet for a while looking for more. I received the 120 roll from the kook I bought a Jobo CPE2 off some years back. He had a freezer full of it, the bastard.  Continue reading “Notebook: Agfa APX25”