Seattle: Pike Market


Pike Place Market was a revelation. The feelings we have about the city from our short stay can be distilled down to the vibe we get here. Pike felt traditional, contemporary, homegrown and haute all at once. The people were from every corner of the globe, on both sides of the tables. All continents were represented both in product and sales approach. It’s hard not to like this corner of Seattle. Continue reading “Seattle: Pike Market”

Seattle: Wait, what?

My actual job (after throwing in the towel taking photos for money) is in health and safety. My wife owns a company that provides pre-access and pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. I’m certified through DATIA as a Professional Collector Trainer, as well as ensuring the office email works and moving office furniture as required. I attended training and conferences in Seattle November 2015 and we took the opportunity to explore a city we’ve never had a reason to consider, outside of cut-scenes in Frasier. Continue reading “Seattle: Wait, what?”