Ottawa 2017

Ah, our nation’s capital! As a learning holiday, our small family (plus a special guest!) ventured to Ottawa for five days in October. It was right on that glorious cusp for fall creeping into early winter, where the daytime sunshine was welcome over the brisk windy evenings. Join us!

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Montréal, in 45.5625 square inches.


Our family traveled to Montréal, Quebec in early November 2016 to attend the graduation of a family friend at McGill university. We had been meaning to explore Montréal for a couple years now and this was our opportunity. As with any adventure, it had its ups and downs but what struck me most about the city was the contrast. Montréal seems to exist simultaneously in both French and English, wealth and poverty, a proud sense of past mingling with a crumbling present. I put this figurative contrast to work, exploring new regions of my film’s exposure latitude.

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NEWLK Ogunquit

NEWLK is a meeting of like-minded photographers that happens spring and fall and always conveniently close to Derry, NH for some undisclosed reason. The first walk occurred in Portsmouth NH (entry and photos here) and the second in Salem MA (entry and photos here).

For the third instalment of New England Walk (#NEWLK) the crowd was directed to show up in Ogunquit Maine for a stroll along the Marginal Way, a paved 1.5 mile stretch of domesticated but rugged seacoast.  Continue reading “NEWLK Ogunquit”

Nevada 2016

High Point Overlook

What started out as a business trip ended up being a pleasure trip, and what started out being a tour of the casinos and attractions ended up being a phenomenal drive into the desert. Nevada was a game-changer, no doubt. As I tweeted during our stay: if you’re coming to Nevada just to gamble you’re a fool. The fewer the light bulbs, the more impressive the spectacles. This post is heavy on images, but that’s what I advertise. Continue reading “Nevada 2016”

Florida 2013

In 2013 we had the opportunity to travel for work to Orlando. Lori was attending the national conference for DATIA and it happened to be at the Leows resort at Universal Orlando. As we can bend our homeschool schedule around life as it happens, we all went down and did the pilgrimage to see the Mouse. I elected to shoot film for this trip, and I was rewarded with an experience I won’t soon forget.  Continue reading “Florida 2013”

DC 2012


2012 was an interesting year for us. DC was the first holiday we’d taken together since the birth of our daughter, Grace. The only one since, also.

Back in 2011 on a web forum (remember those?) I invited internet strangers to stay on our land. They were traveling around North America via truck camper, seeing what they could and taking it all in. Lori thought that we’d likely be murdered, but it turned out OK.

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Traversing the Bay of Fundy

Digby NS

To get back and forth between my home town of Saint John and Lori’s in Yarmouth, we usually elect to take the ferry across the Bay of Fundy. The 2:20 cruise replaces a 7-8 hour drive to Yarmouth via Moncton, Truro, Halifax, Woflville and Digby. Personally, I enjoy the drive. Traveling with my girls though, turns the drive into a 8-10 hour journey due to the frequent bathroom, snack and hot drink pitstops. So the ferry is economical on that front.  Continue reading “Traversing the Bay of Fundy”